Horse Riders

The multi use trails are not just  for walkers and mountain bikers, they are open to horse riders too.

Horse Riding on the Tamar Trails

Horse Riding on the Tamar Trails

There is room in the car park for cars with horse boxes. We welcome individuals to bring their horses and explore the Tamar Trails from a completely different perspective.

The Tamar Trails offers a variety of different terrains, some of which can be enjoyed by horseback.  From the cool and hilly forest paths to the more open grassland paths that lead to the Devon Consols, a horse is the perfect way to explore all that this area has to offer. Please pick up a map from the centre.


The landowner of the carpark and first section of the Tamar Trails adjoining the carpark has expressed concerns about the safety of carpark and Trail users, and for horse riders in the car park at busy times including holiday periods and weekends. Accordingly, the landowner has requested that clauses within the lease with West Devon Borough Council relating to car park usage restrictions be enacted, which permits the closure of the car park for the purposes of parking, loading and unloading of horse boxes, horse trailers and horse transporters.

Please see the poster below for details of closures of the carpark to horse boxes, etc in 2022

Horse riders are still permitted to use the Tamar Trails at all times, and also to use the carpark outside of the times and dates listed below.