Code of Conduct for Trail Users

Code of Conduct for Trail Users

Be aware that there are many users on the Trails including people walking, running, cycling, walking dogs, in mobility scooters, wheelchairs or pushing buggies or pushchairs. There may even be horses on some paths too!

Everyone needs to take responsibility for their actions and be polite and considerate.  Our advice includes the following:

In General – Share the Space

Be aware of other people on the path – try and let them pass if they are progressing quicker than you. Consider the environment – and don’t disturb or damage the flora or fauna. Please take your litter home with you – and do not light fires or barbecues. Dispose of lit cigarettes carefully. Respect land owners privacy – and do not trespass on to private land. Word of Warning – Part of the mining heritage includes large contaminated arsenic spoil tips. Although, arsenic is no longer mined here, the element can still poison anyone who touches or consumes it – even by accident. One of the reasons for carrying out the project works was to provide safe and controlled public access to sensitive areas.

For walkers: Listen for cycle bells – this is not an order for you to get out of the way but to make you aware that the cyclist is looking for a safe opportunity to pass; allow them to do so when safe. It is advisable not to wear headphones. Be considerate to cyclists – remember that cyclists need room to stop and brake as well as to pass.

For runners: Let people know you are coming with a friendly ‘Hello’ and reduce your pace especially when approaching children, family groups or horse riders. Be considerate to other users  and ensure you pass other users wide.

For cyclists: Ride only where you are allowed– and not on paths designated as footpaths.  Let people know you are coming – ring your bell when approaching from behind or say a friendly ‘Hello’. Be aware that some users may have a sight or hearing impediment so may not clearly see or hear you. Pass slowly, and wide, give people space – slow down when approaching walkers  and only pass when it is safe to do so. Extra care should be taken when passing children, less able people, horse riders or dogs. Be patient and courteous – a smile and thank you works wonders. Ride at a sensible speed – cycle at a speed that is appropriate to the conditions e.g. when the path is busy with people and dogs, a slower speed will be needed.

For dog-walkers: Keep your dog under your control and within sight – they do not necessarily have to be on leads, although this is strongly advised in busy areas and when cyclists are approaching. Always clear up after your dog – dog mess on the trails can spoil a visit for everyone and poses a serious health risk, particularly to children. Do not allow your dog to chase or worry, wildlife, other dogs or people – dog should not be allowed on adjacent farmland and remember some people are very wary of dogs.

For horse-riders: Ride only where you are allowed – and not on paths designated as footpaths. Be prepared – with the right equipment, clothing and helmet. Ride at a sensible speed – especially when other users are around; no trotting, cantering or galloping. Be aware and considerate of others, you may need to stop or pull to one side of the track to allow others to pass – horses are huge and skittish, compared to a toddler on a bike. If you ride with your dogs please keep them under control and follow all dog walker advice above.

For more information about who runs the Tamar Trails go to this page.

Useful Contact details: West Devon Borough Council: 01822 813620 Tamar Community Trust: 01822 660078 Tamar Valley AONB: 01822 835030 Tamar Trails Centre: 01822 833409